Hiring a skilled professional say Software Tester, Software Developer as per the requirements of the client company, SQUAD provides the service very efficiently. A pool of professionals willing to work, who has experience exist in our database. They are technically competent people.

Take Away :

  • The professionals are screened at a preliminary round, where the professionals with the required set of skills specified by the clients are short listed
  • Technical experts check the skills and competence of the professionals
  • Then a final interview is conducted for them with HR and the technical expert team of the client company

Advantages :

  • There is no overhead cost of permanent employee to the client company
  • No need to train the existing employees
  • Saves time as already the professional is trained and handy with the knowledge
  • The service provider vouches for the skill and competence of the professional

For any company, SMARTHUNT4U is the best cost cutting tool, without compromising with the quality. SIPL Jobs (for Non-SQUADian) are provided to the candidates who has upgraded in Technology (JAVA,.net,Oracle,Php etc) from reputed training institute. This initiative is align to fullfil our mission ‘Making Nation Employable’ .


Non-SQUADian FREE placement registration process is mentioned below :

  • Carry your certificate of respective IT Diploma Courses completed by reputed institute ( Eg. Microsoft .Net / JAVA / SQL etc.)
  • Your updated resume (CV), Two (2) stamp size photograph
  • One interview round will be conducted
  • On line entry on PC in SQUAD premises
  • On completion SIPL ID will be provided
  • All jobs are free till further notice
  • Visit time is 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Monday – Saturday (Except holidays)
  • All jobs for Graduates
  • Keep visiting http://www.smarthunt4u.com for fresher opening in various technologies